Bivalue Universal Grave Or BUG: Working Methodology, Types, Examples & Everything You Need to Know

Bivalue Universal Grave

Bivalue Universal Grave Definition: Every unresolved cell in a Bivalue Universal Grave (BUG) has two candidates, and if a candidate occurs in a row, column, or box, it appears precisely twice. A BUG-Lite is a partial BUG pattern with comparable qualities to a BUG, such as all nodes in the pattern being bivalue and candidates … Read more

We Bring You An Advanced Sudoku Strategy For Absolute Beginners

Advance sudoku strategies for begineers

Sudoku may seem like an easy game, but it is always challenging at any level, given its straightforward rules. Any new player should therefore be prepared to struggle with difficulties and doubts while solving these puzzles. Fortunately, Sudoku strategies for beginners can help you progress more quickly through the game and understand table dynamics. However, … Read more