17 Sudoku Tips And Tricks That’ll Help You Solve Faster (Definitive Guide)

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Let’s get started with the 17 mind-blowing tips & tricks for sudoku that will amaze you and help you solve the sudoku puzzles in record time.

Sudoku puzzles are one of the most popular puzzle games of all time, but no matter how many times you solve them or what strategies you try, there’s always that one puzzle that seems impossible to solve.

In reality, it’s not hard to solve them quickly and consistently if you know the tricks to do so.

Here are a few easy ways or mind-blowing tips & tricks to solve Sudoku puzzles in record time, saving you both time and stress.


If you love playing sudoku puzzles, then you probably have the method that works best for you.

However, if you haven’t found that particular puzzle-solving game yet, then consider trying these tricks to solve sudoku puzzles in record time.

Tips and tricks to solve sudoku puzzle faster
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17 Tricks to Solve Sudoku Puzzles Faster Than Ever Before

Set a Timer

Set a timer is the first trick to solving Sudoku.

The rule of thumb is to use at least a six-minute timer, which should be more than enough time to finish each puzzle without rushing through it.

We also recommend only solving puzzles with 10 or fewer clues (this makes sure you’re putting your brainpower toward working out complex patterns instead of just crossing off numbers).

Even with these easy guidelines, it may take you several tries before you master these tricks—but don’t get discouraged!

Focus on a Single Row, Column, or Square

 The next trick to solve sudoku faster is to Focus on a Single Row, Column, or Square.

There are a lot of tricks to solving sudoku puzzles that make all those initial work pay off.

These tips and tricks work for all levels of skill, even if you’ve been working at them for years!

A lot of people approach sudoku puzzles like they do crossword puzzles, where they start in one corner and try to fill in as many words as possible before moving on to another corner.

But taking a single row or column at a time is always a better way to go about it.

If you’re stuck on one part of your puzzle for too long and don’t seem to be making any progress, move on to another portion and try to take that from 0 down to 8.

Practice One New Technique for 5 Minutes

The most important tip for sudoku puzzles is to not give up.

Practice makes a man perfect, but you can also improve your speed with a little practice.

There are plenty of tips and tricks for solving sudoku, and we’re about to share one of our favorites.

It doesn’t matter how much you know about sudoku; if you learn how to solve puzzles using one method and then try another, it takes some time to adjust.

We think it’s important to push yourself as a solver so that you always continue to get better—and that means making sure you never become too comfortable with a single technique or style.

Get a Fast Start

The next sudoku trick is getting a fast start.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, sometimes you need to mix up your sudoku-solving techniques.

Look online for sudoku tips and tricks to try out new strategies that will help you solve puzzles in record time.

For example, trying out different variations of number placement can greatly speed up your puzzle solving.

Or if you’re always getting stuck on puzzles with just one specific kind of number (like ones, threes, or fours), focusing on others for a change might help break your stupid three blocks.

Remember that even advanced sudoku solvers can learn new tricks.

The key is to try something different every once in a while—there are lots of methods and techniques out there!

Know Where to Start Solving

Tricks to solve sudoku faster are Understanding Where to Start Sudoku.

The tips and tricks for sudoku will help you start solving puzzles faster than ever.

Start by selecting a puzzle that is easy for you to solve, and then tackle more difficult puzzles as you improve your speed and techniques.

Then, try these tricks and tips to quickly move from beginner to advanced

Solving Sudoku puzzles is not as hard as it seems.

It is quite easy to get started and eventually become an expert at it.

The following are some tips to help beginners get started:

  • The first step is to understand the basic rules of Sudoku. This will help you to determine what steps to take next.
  • The next step is to fill in the empty squares with the numbers 1-9. Do not repeat any number in any row, column, or 3×3 boxes.

Look for a Single Candidate

Since sudoku is a combinatorial puzzle, it can be difficult to see how to proceed without being able to look at multiple numbers in a grid.

Fortunately, there are some handy tricks for solving sudoku puzzles that have only one candidate for each number.

Let’s go over four easy-to-understand methods for reducing your puzzles.

If you try these steps on a daily puzzle and you still can’t solve it, then you might want to move on and wait until another day.

Most people are intimidated by the prospect of solving a Sudoku puzzle.

But with a little bit of practice, anyone can do it.

The key is to find the single candidate that can solve the puzzle.

The first step is to identify the numbers that are in the grid but not in any of the rows or columns.

These are called “numbers in the gird.”

The next step is to find a number that appears only once in the grid. This number is called the “single candidate.” The final step is to place a single candidate into the grid and solve the puzzle.

Work on Scanning Techniques

Strategy and trickery can help, but it’s also important to develop solid scanning techniques.

This refers to knowing how to quickly and accurately determine which numbers belong in a given cell.

Of course, there are a few tricks for that too—you just have to keep them in mind when you’re putting together your sudoku puzzle.

Just remember: practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t solve every puzzle at first.

Don’t focus for a long time at Single Place

All of us can make our brains freeze when we look at a puzzle for too long, especially if it’s challenging.

But by using a few basic tricks and tips for sudoku, you can quickly solve any sudoku puzzle in record time.

For example, once you’ve got your basic strategies down, keep moving around: If a number is repeated three times in one row and twice in another (say 4-4-4-4), look for where else that number might go.

It won’t always work—but it works often enough to be worth trying.

Be on the lookout for mirroring numbers: Maybe two fours are near each other or two twos are next to each other.

Keep Momentum Going

The next tip to solve sudoku fast is to Keep Going with a Momentum.

As much as we love and respect sudoku puzzles, solving them can become a slog if you don’t keep up the momentum.

If you follow this tip and trick for solving sudoku puzzles you will do it in record time.

Avoid Guess Work

Sudoku is a logic-based, math-heavy number game.

It can be frustrating for beginners because the only way to learn how to solve the puzzles is through a lot of trial and error.

Use Techniques not to guess to solve the Puzzle. For This:

  • The first step is to understand how the Sudoku grid is organized. Each row, column, and block of nine squares must contain one instance of each number from 1-to 9.
  • Next, there is a better way to solve Sudoku puzzles, and that is by using a method called elimination.

Elimination is a process of systematically removing possibilities until only one solution remains.

This process can be used to solve any type of Sudoku puzzle, including those with more than one solution.

To use elimination, you first need to identify the possible candidates for a particular square.

Use a pencil in Grid

We all know that there are some puzzle tricks and tips to help speed up solving puzzles.

It’s impossible to be able to figure out a grid in a matter of seconds, so we need to come up with something smart, quick, and easy for it.

In This step, we will choose a pen or pencil (this is important) that you like as well as mark your answers.

It may sound silly but it helps in retaining more information rather than trying to transfer your thinking onto another piece of paper or grid which can get confusing sometimes.

Also, try marking these numbers into grids so you’re familiar with how they look instead of having to keep looking back at your notes each time!

Use a pencil in Grid (Marking technique)
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Hidden Pair Solution

However, for maximum speed-solving efficiency, it’s a good idea to use only one or two at a time.

Take Hidden Pair Sudoku Technique.

It’s an incredibly effective way to solve puzzles quickly, but if you try to employ it as your entire strategy you’ll end up getting hung up on some steps that would otherwise be trivially easy.

Experiment with different tricks—and find out which works best for you!

Then use those tricks exclusively when solving sudoku puzzles until they’re committed to muscle memory.

Only then will you be able to solve them in record time!

Hidden Pair Solution (Trick that will help you solve sudoku faster)
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Hidden Triple in Sudoku

The hidden triple is simple sudoku solving trick that takes advantage of two of Sudoku’s idiosyncrasies.

First, many solutions to Sudoku puzzles feature multiple rows or columns containing three numbers in a straight line.

These are called Hidden Triples.

Second, no row or column is required to have any number more than once.

Applying these rules together allows you to find hidden triples that aren’t present in the puzzle grid.

Hidden Triple in Sudoku
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Sword Fish Technique

The Sword Fish Technique is a method for solving sudoku puzzles.

The technique, which helps solve multiple partially completed squares in rapid succession, can be done with pen and paper or with an app on your phone.

You’ll first use basic crosshatching to fill out all numbers from 1 to 9 vertically and horizontally; once you have done that, draw straight lines to connect diagonally adjacent numbers in partially completed squares (each line will cut through exactly three squares).

These lines should intersect at just one point—the number you need to fill out.

Draw a circle around that number and complete it.

After that, you can do more crosshatching until there are no more partially completed squares left!

Sword Fish Technique
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Jellyfish Technique

A common rule of sudoku is thinking before you pencil, and we can all appreciate that thinking often leads to valuable insights.

Here’s one such trick: if you have a cell (3×3 boxes) with two possible candidates, try filling in just one candidate.

If there are no conflicts, fill in your answer.

If there are conflicts, don’t use that candidate and proceed to another cell (or backtrack). This technique is known as Jellyfish because it reminds us of how a jellyfish darts from side to side before settling on a new location, using its tentacles to explore each potential home before moving again.

Jellyfish Technique
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Unique Rectangle Technique

The Unique Rectangle technique is all about visualizing areas.

It’s essentially a way to see puzzles in chunks as if you were solving multiple puzzles at once.

You’ll still be working on a single puzzle, but you’ll view it as if it were three separate 2×2 grids—once for each cell of each 3×3 section, and one last one for a series of little regions that are unique within their 2×2 groupings and repeated elsewhere.

This trick is extremely helpful when working on larger sudoku puzzles (or looking to solve them faster).

And since it’s just a trick that uses visualization, anyone can learn how to do it quickly with practice.

Unique Rectangle Technique
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Use logic to solve puzzles faster

Practicing logic puzzles regularly—say, one puzzle every night before bed—can be very beneficial to your brain.

Logic puzzles make you think outside of the box and increase your problem-solving skills in ways that might surprise you.

Remember, though, that it does not just know how to solve a sudoku puzzle that matters—you also need to know how to solve them quickly.

The following sudoku tips and tricks can help you reach your goal of solving these tricky puzzles in record time!


Sudoku is a fun, challenging puzzle game that can be solved in a variety of ways.

This article outlined 17 tips and tricks that can help you solve Sudoku puzzles faster.

If you want to learn more about Sudoku, or if you are looking for faster ways to solve these puzzles, follow us for more.


Sudoku is a great puzzle game that can help improve your problem-solving skills.

This article provided 17 tips and tricks to help you solve Sudoku puzzles faster.

To learn more about Sudoku and other puzzles, follow us for updates.