How To Play Sudoku Beginner’s Tips And Tricks For You In 2021

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The game aims to fill in the white boxes with numbers from one to nine. So that all the digits from one to nine are present without repetition in each row, column, and square. However, that is just the rule. It takes logic and inventiveness to solve the game. If you want to know how to play Sudoku for beginners, it is suggested that you keep practicing this game.

On the other hand, some tools solve Sudoku puzzles. It is also a resultant technique, but it is certainly not an excellent way to play. Where is the fun?

This article brings you some tips for beginners who want to learn how to play Sudoku. Once you start practicing, you will observe that you can solve the basic levels without much trouble. Consistently, you will know the methods and strategies to play Sudoku at higher levels. Sudoku derived from its Japanese origin in 1984, named Suji-was-dokushin-ni-kagiru.

How do you play Sudoku?

However, what is Sudoku? In the Sudoku puzzle, a grid of nine blocks is proposed. Each block has nine cells, which means (nine multiplied by nine) 81 cells in total. Each block contains numbers from one to nine. Often a block is filled with three digits up to seven digits, and the remaining cells in the block remain empty. The grid is divided into nine vertical columns, nine horizontal rows, and nine sub-grids. Thicker edges in bold delimit Sub-grid. You will find 15/20 to 35/40 numbers already present in the grid. The game’s object is to fill in the empty boxes with numbers from one to nine so that each of the rows, columns, and sub-grids contains all the digits from one to nine without any of them repeating.

Now that you know how to play Sudoku let us now come to another point, tips and tricks to play Sudoku for beginners.

Moderate online Sudoku: where to practice

For all beginners and enthusiasts, there are various possibilities to know how to play Sudoku. Often there are patterns in the newspapers. It is no coincidence that there are periodicals dedicated to this game. Nevertheless, there are also sites from which you can print designs and offer the possibility of playing digitally comfortably, getting rid of pencil and eraser. PC owners can download Sudoku Puzzle Game, while for Mac, the best known is Sudoku Uno. For smartphones and tablets, the recommended app is called Sudoku.

Playing Sudoku requires a lot of patience.

There is undoubtedly a block in the grid for beginners in the Sudoku puzzles where one or two digits are missing. In the guide for how to play Sudoku for beginners, we suggest you start from that missing cell. You will find boxes with maximum empty compartments, but you must start from the basic, where only one or two cells are missing numbers. By doing this, you will gradually increase your digit identifying capability. You will see that once you have filled in the first boxes, the rest will come by themselves. It is best to focus on one number by analyzing individual rows, columns, and regions.

It can be a great starting point to arrive at the third position of that number in the region. It is essential to check your work often, as a single mistake can compromise the whole game. Moreover, it is advisable to replicate the same process in the opposite direction. If you search online with the right keyword, “how to play Sudoku tricks,” you will get dozens of suggestions. However, be careful. Not every tip and trick is right for you. You should know the level of Sudoku you play. If you are a beginner and read one or two professional tricks, it will cause no good but harm.

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Recommendations to solve a Sudoku puzzle

Before we start sharing how to play Sudoku tips with you, let us acknowledge three basic strategies for solving Sudoku puzzles – tracking, marking, and analysis. Our first strategy is ‘tracking’. It consists of pointing out the breadth and length of the game. You use a specific number anywhere on the grid. The marking strategy is recommended when the first one does not help us because we cannot discover new numbers. The analysis is the third strategy. A method involves crossing out numbers written in a higher list.

If we manage to master these three tricks well, we will understand how to play Sudoku and solve Sudoku at a beginner level.

Other useful game strategies

Now it is time to move on to our next topic, how to play Sudoku tricks. Start with the frequent numbers. These regular numbers are easier to guess the missing numbers when there are equal numbers of the same value. Do not forget to pay attention to the numbers already presented throughout the grid. It never hurts to use a pencil and an eraser, because surely we will make many mistakes when we start. Doubtful numbers must be written in pencil. You must know that this game has only one solution that is tracking the number, marking the empty cells, analyze the number, and write it down. Yes, it is frustrating at the beginning. Once you keep practicing, little by little everything will change.


Those who want to know how to play Sudoku tips must understand that there are different difficulty levels, and playing requires a lot of patience and some logical skills. With your practice, you gain a lot of mental agility. Many professional Sudoku players around the world recommend it. Do not forget to take help from an online Sudoku solver. Keep practicing and increase your playing level.

We have shared many details with you, such as what is Sudoku, basic Sudoku playing tips and tricks, the origin of this game, etc. Before we close our article, let us give you a few advanced tricks for advanced Sudoku players. They are X-Wing Technique, Swordfish Technique, Starfish Technique, Forced Chains, Oneness Rectangle, XY-Wing Technique, etc. Do not try these methods until you become a pro player.