How To Conquer The Skyscraper Sudoku Puzzle: Tips & Tricks

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Skyscraper Sudoku is a great way to improve your problem-solving skills. The puzzles are harder than traditional sudoku puzzles, and the skyscraper theme makes them more interesting to solve.



If you love sudoku puzzles but your wish never ended, then skyscraper sudoku might be the game for you!

If you’re unfamiliar with sudoku, here’s how it works — there are 9 blocks of 9 squares each in a 3×3 grid that are each filled with numbers 1 through 9 once, and only once.

Skyscraper sudoku adds one more dimension to this puzzle by requiring every row and column to add up to the indicated number at the top of each block as well.

What is skyscraper sudoku?

Skyscraper Sudoku is a type of puzzle game where you are given a grid of squares, and each row and column has a number at the top.

Your goal is to fill in the squares so that the numbers in each row and column add up to the number at the top.

The puzzles get harder as you go along, and there are usually multiple solutions.

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Skyscraper Sudoku is a puzzle game that is played on a 3×3 grid.

The game aims to fill in the grid so that each column and row contains the digits 1-9, without repeating any numbers.

A skyscraper is a popular and simplest sequence in sudoku games.

Not at all: A Skyscraper is a Turbot Fish one that looks like two Sashimi X-Wings next to each other.

When the pattern’s description is read, it makes it look more complex and difficult than it is, even though it wasn’t.

At the time, try to concentrate only on one number at a time.

There will be no more than two people who can be each digit in each of the two rows (or columns).

There must be at least one true solution when two candidates are in the same row/column.

As little more than a result, any candidate who observes both of those cells will be thrown out of the trying to run.

Rules for playing skyscraper sudoku Puzzle

Now that you also have a basic understanding of how this Sudoku puzzle work, and also the importance of something like the numbers outside of the grid, let’s just go over these Skyscraper Sudoku rules in a summary.

  • The standard Sudoku rules continue to be followed (each row, column, and the 3-by-3 box must contain the numbers 1to the 9 exactly once).
  • Moreover, the number of that can be seen skyscrapers applies to the entire column or row whereby the skyscraper way to know corresponds, regardless of where the clue is situated. As a result, no more or smaller numbers of visible “skyscrapers” can be added or removed from the column or row.
  • Higher’ skyscrapers, regardless of just how far along the column or row they are, only continue to block the view of lower skyscrapers,’ and not of any higher skyscrapers,’ according to this rule. A number 8 at one end of a row does not completely abstract the view of a number 9 at the other end of the row.
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Skyscraper Sudoku tips & techniques

When you’ve perfected the skill of finding solutions to solve Skyscraper Sudoku puzzles, keep the following points and strategies in mind:

  • Every 9 clues indicate that the overall row as well as column of skyscrapers is visible. This requires that the cells be organized in the following order: The sets of numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Given the fact that any other arrangement will indeed overlook at least one skyscraper, you would have been unable to see all nine.
  • Because only one clue indicates that only one skyscraper is visible, the row, as well as the column’s 1st cell, must have been a 9. If this were any other number, not only the first skyscraper,’ as well as the 9 and any other larger cells, would be visible.
  • Keep an eye out for significant signs that tall skyscrapers would be pushed toward the end of the row as well as the column. If you already have an 8 clue, the 9 must be in one of the rows or column’s final two cells.
  • Important To consider the relationship between the different clues in different rows or columns. To put this way, each cell must meet both the row and column requirements.
  • Don’t forget about the basic Sudoku rules. Keep in mind that each structure along each row, column, and the 3-by-3 box must have a different skyscraper height.
Skyscraper Sudoku tips & techniques
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The Benefits of Skyscraper Sudoku

There are a lot of benefits to Playing This Sudoku Puzzle.

A few of them are given below:

  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Better strategic thinking
  • Improved logic and reasoning skills

How to get started with skyscraper sudoku

If you’re looking for a new mental challenge, skyscraper sudoku is the perfect pastime.

This logic puzzle variant is played on a grid with skyscrapers instead of the usual squares. Here’s how to get started:

  • Choose a grid size. The grid can be any size you like, but 6×6 or 8×8 is a good place to start.
  • Draw the skyscrapers. The skyscrapers must be touching, and they can only be in squares that are adjacent to each other (no diagonals).
  • Fill in the numbers and must follow the Rules which are Already Discussed.

Here are a few more tips for getting started with skyscraper sudoku:

  • One way is to find a skyscraper sudoku puzzle on the internet and print it out. This will give you a good idea of the different types of puzzles that are available.
  • Another way to get started is to buy a book of skyscraper sudoku puzzles. This will give you a wide variety of puzzles to work on, and it will also help you to improve your skills.

The beauty of skyscraper sudoku is that it is more different than a regular Sudoku puzzle, but not so difficult that it is impossible to solve.

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The different types of skyscraper sudoku grids

There are three different types of skyscraper sudoku grids.

  • The first type is a regular skyscraper sudoku grid, Also Known as standard skyscraper sudoku, in which the numbers 1-9 appear once in each row and column, and once in each 3×3 square in three rows and three columns.
  • The second type is a double skyscraper sudoku grid, in this type of grid, the numbers 1-9 still appear once in each row and column, but they also appear twice in each diagonal. It is made up of eighteen squares in six rows and three columns.
  • The third and final type is a triple skyscraper sudoku grid, which is made up of twenty-seven squares in nine rows and three columns.

How to improve your skyscraper sudoku skills

There are many different ways to improve your skyscraper sudoku skills.

One way is to use a variety of techniques to help you solve the puzzles.

For example, you can use the following techniques:

  • Check the grid for any obvious patterns.
  • Look for single blocks that can be solved.
  • Use the “scan” technique to identify potential candidates for skyscrapers.
  • Make use of the “6 block rule”.
  • If all else fails, guess and check!

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Question No.1: How do you solve a Sudoku skyscraper?

The key to solving a Sudoku skyscraper is to break it down into smaller pieces.

  • Start by solving the 3×3 grid in the top left corner. This will give you a few numbers that can be used in the other squares.
  • Next, solve the 2×2 grid in the top right corner. This will give you a few more numbers that can be used in the other squares.
  • Finally, solve the 1×1 grid in the bottom right corner. This will give you the last few numbers that can be used in the other squares.


The answer is simple: start small.

Build one row or column at a time, filling in the numbers as you go.

This will help you to see patterns and relationships between numbers, making the puzzle easier to solve.

Question No.2: Sudoku skyscraper explained

It is a logic puzzle that involves solving a 6×6 grid, where each column and row contains the numbers 1-6.

The goal is to fill the empty squares so that the numbers are consecutive and in order.

The numbers can be placed in any order within the column or row, as long as they are consecutive.

The sudoku skyscraper can be solved using a variety of methods, but one of the most popular methods is the skyscraper technique.

This technique involves solving the left and right columns, then solving the top and bottom rows.

The key to solving these puzzles is to break them down into smaller problems.

For instance, if you’re trying to solve a 9×9 grid, start by solving the 3×3 boxes within it.

Once you have those solved, you can start filling in the digits for the larger grid


This article has provided some tips for improving your skyscraper sudoku skills.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to solve this advanced sudoku strategy more quickly and easily.

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