Learn How To Solve A Sandwich Sudoku Puzzle (The Definitive Guide To Sandwich Sudoku)

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Do you want to solve a sandwich sudoku puzzle but don’t know how? This article will guide you through the process of solving a sandwich sudoku puzzle, step by step.

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Sandwich Sudoku
  3. Rules of Sandwich Sudoku
  4. Tips and Tricks to solve Sudoku Puzzles
  5. How to play Sandwich Sudoku
  6. Sand Path Sudoku
  7. How to Find and Play Sandwich Sudoku game Online.
  8. Wrapping things up.


Have you ever heard of a “sandwich” Sudoku puzzle? It is a new variation of the classic Sudoku puzzle that can be solved using the numbers on your sandwich.

This article will discuss the basic rules and implementation of this puzzle. We will also provide some code examples to help you understand how it works.

The Sudoku puzzle is a traditional puzzle that appears in all old-school math books. It’s interesting and challenging Sudoku to solve, especially because the numbers are placed on the borders of the puzzle.

What is Sandwich Sudoku:

The term “sandwich” was coined because the puzzle resembles two squares of bread with the number fillings in between.

A Sudoku puzzle is a mathematical logic problem.

We can call it a puzzle with numbers and symbols, where the objective is to fill the entire grid with digits so that each column, row, and individual square contain all of the digits mostly without repeating any number. To solve this puzzle, we need to identify possible solutions that logically satisfy the conditions of the problem and then create sequences (perpendicular or parallel) by matching them with each other.

Rules of Sandwich Sudoku Puzzle:

Every puzzle starts with a blank grid. There are equal rows and columns – each row and column should have 9 squares. The object is to fill in the empty squares so that each row, column, and two diagonals will add up to the same number.

The rules of the Sandwich Sudoku Puzzle are relatively straightforward:

1) Fill in numbers from left-to-right and top-to-bottom.

2) Every row must have a number for all three squares in it – no incomplete rows!

3) Every column must also have a number for all three squares, but they do not need to be consecutive numbers.

4) Diagonal lines can only go from one corner to another; any other lines cannot break them!

5) Place the numbers 1-9 once in each line, segment, and 3×3 striking lined box of the matrix. This is the standard sudoku rule.

6) A number shows up toward the finish of each line and segment in the matrix. This number lets you know the number of digits put between the 1 and 9 in that line or segment.

Demonstration to sandwich sudoku rules via this puzzle

When solving a Sandwich Sudoku puzzle, the first thing to do is to identify all possible solutions. This will allow us to identify the correct solution after finding the first digit.

There are 13 ways to place 1 digit in a column, 26 ways for 2 digits, 13*26=326 ways for 3 digits, and so on until 10 digits are 10*10*10*…=2702 combinations for placing 10 digits.

The most common way is to use brute-force search with an exhaustive inspection of all possible combinations, and this means that we can solve a 9-digit puzzle in less than one second on average.

Tips and Tricks to Solve Sudoku Puzzles:

  • Whenever you begin settling sandwich sudoku, it is helpful to check out each line and section and attempt to work out where the 1 and 9 (or 1 and 6 in a 6×6 riddle) can be put. You can continuously make allowances by working out which squares can and can’t contain the 1 and 9 in each line and section. You might find it valuable to check squares that can’t contain the high and low digits here and there; for example, with the internet-based player, you can stamp a square red by featuring the square then, at that point, squeezing the red shading box. Press a similar shading again to turn the square white once more.
  • Presently take a gander at section one of the model matrix at the highest point of this page (which is the nine by nine example puzzle you can play by means of the connection above). In a nine-by-nine matrix, the best absolute around the external that is conceivable is 35 because it is the amount of the digits through two to eight. Since 35 should be produced using seven squares, and we have nine in any line or section, then, at that point, we realize that the one and nine should be set in the first and last squares in the segment. Consequently, we can pencil mark those with one and nine appropriately and imprint the remainder of the segment in red to show it can’t contain one and nine, similar to this.

nine by nine sudoku sandwich matrix

  • Recollect that since the number external a line or section is complete between the 1 and 9 around there, then, at that point, the squares outside of the 1 and 9 should aggregate to 45 short that number.

For example

Inconsequentially in the network above, since we realize the total of the red squares to 35, then, at that point, the squares containing one and nine should aggregate to 10 (45-10). In any case, where this becomes helpful is the point at which we know where the one and nine are in an area that doesn’t involve each square in succession or section, and we can consequently utilize it to confine the worth of digits outside the one and nine sandwich district.

  • For example, check out the network position underneath, where we have set the 1 in column six of the matrix. We have additionally denoted the squares outside of the 1 and 9 sandwiches in green.

sandwich in green

  • Presently, we realize that the digits are somewhere in the range of one and nine total to 11. What’s more, one and nine total to 10. So the four green squares outside the sandwich area total 45-11-10 = 24. From four squares, and without having the option to utilize one and nine, which should shape the bread of the sandwich, there are just two methods for doing this: 3,6,7,8 and 4,5,7,8, which we have pencil marked appropriately in the lattice above.

How to play Sandwich Sudoku:

The objective of the puzzle is to fill the small, medium, and large rectangles with digits so that each row and column contain all digits from 1 to 9.

A 3×3 puzzle is considered solved when there are no blank spaces in any row or column. A 4×4 puzzle is solved when there are no blank spaces in any two rows or columns.

Given that all puzzles start with nine cells already filled in, they are not considered solved until every cell contains a digit.

Therefore, they can be completed by filling in any cells with numbers from 1 to 9.

For example, given a 3×3 puzzle that starts with “5 7 8”, it could be filled with “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8” or “7 5 9.

Sandwich Path Sudoku:

Assist the insects with observing a way through the sudoku nursery to the sandwich on the opposite side of the divider. (from green cell to red cell)

The standard path of sandwich sudoku rules applies one to nine in each line, segment, and three by three box numbers outside the framework demonstrate the amount of the digits’ sandwiched’ between the one and nine.

Sandwich Path of Sudoku

What’s more, insects are specific regarding their way: They generally move the number of spaces shown in the current cell, turn nineties degrees, and move the number of spaces in the new cell. Likewise, the way may not cross itself.

How to Play Sandwich Sudoku game online:

As you can see, it’s easy to find and play Sandwich Sudoku games online. Just take a few minutes to search for it on your browser, and you should have no problem finding a website that offers the game for free—and without any distractions. Playing this simple puzzle game can help pass the time when you have a few extra minutes during the day, so go ahead and give it a shot!

Playing sandwich sudoku games online is a great way to pass the time. If you want to play the game, find it on Google Play or App Store.


Solving a sandwich sudoku puzzle is a difficult task, but not impossible. There are different ways to approach the problem, and it all depends on your personal preferences. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, you can solve the puzzle and get a reward at the end! This is the ultimate guide that will solve any sandwich Sudoku puzzle, I guarantee it.

We’ve provided some tips to help you get started with arrow sudoku in this article. We hope these tips have been helpful! If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know by subscribing our this website.

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