Learn How To Solve Renban Sudoku Puzzle (The Definitive Guide To Renban Sudoku)

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Do you know that solving a Renban Sudoku puzzle is not a difficult task? This article will guide you through the steps to solve this puzzle quickly and accurately.


Introduction to Renban Sudoku

Renban Sudoku is a puzzle game that anyone can play to challenge themselves and their friends.

The addictive gameplay will bring you endless fun during your leisure time. It is even more effective for improving your mental skills.

renban sudoku

A brainteaser is a puzzle that requires deductive reasoning and critical thinking to solve.

Renban Sudoku is just like an ordinary sudoku. The difference is that you need to place numbers on the grid while completing the task of forming specific patterns.

Renban Sudoku has been tested by many people of different age groups and levels of abilities.

The basics of Renban Sudoku

The Renban Sudoku, also known as the Japanese Sudoku, is a variation of the classic Sudoku puzzle. While the rules are nearly identical to our western version, they do have their differences.

Renban Sudoku is a puzzle game popularized earlier in Japan and has since spread around the world. The name comes from the Japanese word for “single number” because all the numbers must be unique within each section.

The objective is to fill a nine by nine matrix with digits, so every segment, line, and three by three box contain every one of the digits from one to nine.

The goal is to put the numbers in the spaces so that each line, section, and three by three box contains all the digits between one and nine.

How to solve Renban Sudoku Puzzles?

Billions of people worldwide, from office workers to retirees, love Sudoku. It’s a fun puzzle game and can also improve your brain function.

But most people don’t know that Sudoku is actually “renban-style” or traditional Japanese Sudoku. There are special rules for Sudoku in Japan that we call Renban Sudoku.

These rules are very easy to understand and fun to play!

Keep reading if you want to know more about this fun variation on the classic Sudoku game.

How to solve Renban Sudoku Puzzles (Test your logic via this image)

renban 9 by 9 sudoku

A Sudoku-Renban is a 9×9 Sudoku with additional constraints, but before reading these two figures, are must understand.

The Interesting Features of the Renban Sudoku Puzzle

A very interesting feature of Sudoku puzzles is that they can be solved with logic.

The puzzle can be viewed as an array of cells, and each cell contains a set of constraints on the values that can appear in it.

By solving these constraints, we can determine the possible values in each cell.

This article will present an approach that uses combinatorial search techniques to solve Sudoku puzzles.

Renban Sudoku is a simple puzzle game that people have played for many years.

It requires you to fill in numbers into an empty grid to complete the puzzle.

A Sudoku Renban is a 9×9 Sudoku puzzle, with a number in each cell and a star symbol (*) appearing at the intersection of every row and column.

The objective of the puzzle is to fill all the empty cells with digits one through nine without repeating any number in any row or column.

Interesting features of Renban Sudoku puzzles

Fill in the grid so that:

  1. Each row contains one of each digit (1–9), and no two numbers that have the same last digit are in any column
  2. Every column contains one of each digit (1–9)

Solving the Renban Sudoku puzzle

As Sudoku Renban is a three-dimensional variant of the well-known Sudoku puzzle.

The 3D variant was first described in 2007 by Douglas B. West, a Canadian mathematician.

It became quickly popular among puzzle enthusiasts and has appeared in several newspapers and magazines.

The Sudoku Renban puzzle is played on a rectangular grid, where some cells already contain numbers (the so-called hints).

The goal of the game is to place the digits from one to nine into the empty cells without repeating any number in a given grid.

Sudoku Renban is a fun and interesting game.

The game has two different types of puzzles, easy and hard.

The objective of the game is to get the right answer by putting the numbers in the right place.

The Objective of the Renban Sudoku Puzzle

The Sudoku Renban is a logic puzzle that consists of a 9×9 grid with numbers 1 through 9.

The objective of the puzzle is to solve the board by filling in each empty cell with a number between 1 and 9 in such a way that each column, row, and 3×3 box contain all nine digits.

The Sudoku Renban is also known as the “mini-Sudoku.” Because Fill in the grids so that:

  1. Each column consists of all the numbers from one to nine.
  2. Every segment contains all the numbers from 1.

Rules of Renben Sudoku Puzzle

For a beginner player, it may be hard to find an easy Sudoku Renban puzzle because of the specific rules.

But there is always a solution if you know where to look for.

This way, a solution for this puzzle can be found by starting in any box, and due to the specificity of the rules, Sudoku Renban is one of the most popular puzzles in recent years.

It’s a simple game, but it requires logic and intelligence.

There are many ways to play the game, and there are more than 100000 free online Sudoku puzzle games available.

The game is so popular that you can find books, magazines, and even newspapers with Sudoku puzzles in them.

The Renban Sudoku, also known as the sun-Ku (Japanese: スズー坑) is a rationale based number-position puzzle.

The objective is to fill a nine-by-nine framework with digits so every segment, every segment, and all of the nine three-by-three sub-cross sections that cause the organization to contain every one of the digits from one to nine.

An important rule of Sudoku is that once the first row and column are filled, the puzzle cannot include a number that appears in any other row or column.

Renban line in Sudoku

The Renban line is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal against Sudoku, and it’s a great way to expand your knowledge of how cells interact with each other.

Here’s how it works: You take a Sudoku puzzle that you’ve already solved and draw a diagonal line through the entire puzzle (as shown in the image below).

If you look at the number of possible permutations for each cell along a path on the line – you get an idea of how to fill that cell in your original solution.

Renban line in Sudoku

For example

Assuming you have a cell which is a genuinely troublesome riddle.

It gives a difficult stretch to settle this.

The goal is to top off the unfilled cells on the matrix with numbers so that each line, every segment, and each 3×3 box contains every one of the numbers from 1 to 9.

To make it more challenging, some numbers are given in the network. You want to put the given qualities as indicated by the principles.

Renban Sudoku Tips

If you are a Sudoku fan, you should check out the game Renban Sudoku (Japanese for “reverse number writing”), a variation of the original sudoku game.

The numbers in each of the 3×3 grids need to be placed in such a way that each row, column, and each of the nine little three-by-three grids contain all the numbers 1 to 9.

This basic extra imperative leads to some exquisite rationale that you can apply to address the riddles.

For instance

In the event that you investigate the base right Renban in the model above, you’ll see it as of now contains the digits 2 and 3.

What’s more, since it’s just four cells and the two excess digits should shape a sequential set with the 2 and 3, there are just two opportunities for what the four digits can be:



Notwithstanding, assuming you look cautiously, you’ll likewise see that there’s as of now a 1 in a similar 3×3 locale as the two void cells in the Renban.

This implies that we currently realize that these two empty cells should be a 4 and 5 as 1 has been dispensed with as a chance.

In any case, recollect that we don’t quickly realize which request they show up in as the digits don’t need to be requested sequentially (they can show up in any request).

Renban Sudoku (Test Your Logic)


Renban Sudoku is a sudoku variant where another constraint or rule is added to the regular rules of Sudoku.

This rule can be either one that limits grid size, shapes cells with Renban lines, and color them differently, known as Renban rules.

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