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X-Cycles Sudoku sTRATEGY

Demonstration to X-Cycles Sudoku Strategy

The Fishy Cycle (X-Cycle) A Fishy Cycle (X-Cycle) is a continuous loop of single-digit candidates. It alternates between strong and ...
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nishio forcing chains

Learn an effective sudoku strategy named Nishio forcing chains in just 7 minutes. The Simple & Detailed Guide

Nishio Nishio is a strategy for examining the ramifications of a hypothesis and concluding that the hypothesis is wrong if ...
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Sudoku SK loops

Demonstration of SK loops Sudoku Strategy. Also, Learn Easter Monster loops, classical SK loops, and Variant loops in detail.

SK Loops SK Loops are in the 'diabolical' techniques rather than the 'extreme' since they have unique patterns. However, it ...
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pattern overlay method

Demonstration of Sudoku Pattern Overlay Method. Learn how does pattern overlay method works? Also, learn Multi-Digit Pattern Elimination, Pattern Analysis & Limited Pattern Overlay (LPO)

Pattern Overlay Method The Pattern Overlay Method, or POM, examines the possible placement of digits in the remaining candidate space.  ...
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Exocet Sudoku

A simple guide to Exocet Sudoku including their Pattern Rules, Elimination Rules & Double Exocet Rules

Exocet Sudoku If these requirements are satisfied,
  • The solution in the first Base Cell corresponds to one of the ...
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